Greetings from Daria Morozova on the birthday of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin


Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

On behalf of the Ombudsman’s Office, I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt congratulations on your jubilee!

Thanks to your efforts, the Russian Federation has become a world Power, a strong, democratic and independent state. Today’s Russia is an example of unity, patriotism and stable society throughout the world.

Being a President and Supreme Commander, you have proved to be a world-class leader who acts for the benefit of the people and the state. Your devotion to the interests of the people and the country, your wisdom and strength of spirit is a real example of a successful Head of state.

You truly enjoy a well-deserved authority and respect not only of your people, but of the world community. Your work is aimed at the strategic development, prosperity and strengthening of the Russian Federation. Thanks to your efforts, the Russian Federation has become a progressive, proud and independent state.

On this day, we sincerely wish you good health, long life, inexhaustible creative energy, well-being, patience, happiness and peace!

Daria Morozova.