The Kiev’s stance in the subgroup hinders the search of the missing persons – the DPR Ombudsman

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The Ukrainian side does not provide any clear response to the revised action plan for the search of missing persons in Donbass, proposed by the DPR and approved by the International Committee of the Red Cross. This was announced today by the DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova.

“We submitted the draft “road map” to the ICRC, if I’m not mistaken, a year and a half ago in Minsk. It was extensive, and it was presented to each of the parties for amending and making proposals. We included all recommendations and amendments into the map, as approved by the ICRC” – Morozova said. “In fact, it was the new vershion of the “road map”. Although, the Ukrainian side neither gave its consent, nor rejected it.”

The Ombudsman highlighted that the issue of approval of the action plan is on the agenda of almost every meeting of the participants of the humanitarian subgroup in Minsk; Donetsk insists on the need to start working process under the revised action plan. “Until now, the Ukrainian side has neither provided amendments nor expressed their consent to the new version of the map, and I think they are not going to do so. They just do not say their answer, – she said. – The ICRC President (Peter Maurer – DNA comment) is aware of the problem. We also asked him to facilitate the process, so that work in this direction would start”.

Morozova added that she had a meeting with Maurer on March 7 of this year. In the course of the meeting, they discussed the version of the action plan proposed by the DPR.

Earlier, the ICRC President stressed the need to accelerate the search for missing persons in Donbass.

We would like to recall that, according to the latest data of the Ombudsman’s Office, there are 468 residents of the Republic registered as missing persons in the DPR.

Source: DNA