Reasons for dismissal of appeals

1. Written appeals may be left without consideration, under the following circumstances:

1) the appeals do not meet the requirements established by paragraphs 1-6 of Article 10 of this Law;

2) appeals are subject to review in accordance with the legislation of the Donetsk People’s Republic in a judicial procedure;

3) the deadline for filing a complaint is missed without good reason;

4) a citizen submitted the same appeal for the second time, which may be also written in the comments and proposals book, if it has already been considered on the merits and does not contain new circumstances relevant to consideration of the appeal on the merits;

5) correspondence with the citizen on the issues stated in the appeal has been terminated in accordance with the procedure provided for in Article 21 (2) of this Law;


2. A decision to leave a written request without consideration on the merits is made by the head of the relevant body, where the appeal was submitted to, or the official authorized thereto.


3. Verbal appeals may be left without consideration on the merits, if:

1) documents confirming the identity of citizens, their representatives, as well as documents confirming the powers of citizen’s representatives are not presented;

2) appeals contain issues beyond the competence of the state body, local self-government body, where personal reception is conducted;

3) an exhaustive answer to citizen’s questions has already been given in the course of personal reception, or correspondence with this citizen on such issues has been discontinued;

4) a citizen uses obscene or offensive words or expressions during the personal reception.

4. The citizen shall be notified on the decision to leave oral appeal, made during the personal reception, without consideration on the merits in the course of this reception by the official who conducts a personal reception, specifying the reasons for making such a decision.