The staff of the Ombudsman’s Office visited an investigative isolation ward in Donetsk

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On August 29, the staff of the Human Rights Ombudsman Office visited an investigative isolation ward in Donetsk and examined detention conditions in order to ensure that the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Donetsk People’s Republic respect human rights and freedoms and provide necessary medical care.

During the visit to the isolation ward, the staff paid special attention to the detention of minors. It is noteworthy that minors are kept in a separate suit with appropriate repair. There are two classrooms, where the students begin the educational process, a room for leisure activities, and also a room for psychological assistance. However, in order to fully comply with the sanitary and hygienic norms of detention conditions, it was found necessary to replenish the stock of hygiene products for minors.

In addition, the staff of the Office inspected detention cells of persons for whom remand in custody was chosen as a preventive measure. There were no complaints about detention conditions from this category of people. Also, as part of visiting the Donetsk isolation ward, citizens who had previously appealed the Ombudsman Office complaining about prejudiced conduct of preliminary investigation were interviewed. According to the results of the interview, the Ombudsman’s Office took appropriate response measures.