The overview of the current social and humanitarian situation in the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic as a result of hostilities between 15 and 21 January 2022

News Overview of the social and humanitarian situation

This week in the Republic was marked by the first working visit to the DPR of the coordinator of the working group on humanitarian issues of the Minsk Contact Group from the OSCE Charlotte Relander. As part of the trip, Mrs. Relander got acquainted in detail with the humanitarian problems of the region, and also met with relatives of persons illegally detained on the territory of Ukraine and missing persons in zones of the armed conflict.

Perhaps the visit of such a high-ranking OSCE representative will contribute to the speedy implementation of the provisions set out in the Minsk agreements regarding the exchange of detainees and the creation of a unified mechanism for the search and identification of citizens who are reported missing.

But the Republic continues to make progress in this direction without regard for Ukraine. Thus, experts of the Interdepartmental Commission for the Search for the Missing Persons in 2022 intend to carry out exhumation work at the alleged places of mass burial sites of unknown victims of the war in Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Amvrosievsky district, as well as in the area of ​​ Saur-Mogila.

However, unfortunately, the situation on the contact line does not contribute to the expansion of the geography of the work by the Interdepartmental Commission. During the period from January 16 to January 21, JCCC observers recorded 9 cases of violation of an open-ended ceasefire regime by Ukraine. In total, 98 pieces of ammunition were fired on the territory of the DPR.

Such a brutal attitude towards the civilian population causes a direct analogy with the actions of the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War. In this regard, the holding of the forum “The threat of the re-actualization of fascism in the 21st century” in the Republic was timely. The event brought together participants from the DPR, LPR and the Russian Federation in Donetsk. The plenary session of the forum was held in the Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library named after Krupskaya.

Another important event in the scientific and cultural life of the DPR was the initiative to create an intellectual centre “Technopark”. This facility will include: a centre for the collective use of equipment, specialized laboratories, business incubators and accelerators, a centre for additive technologies (3D printing technologies), an engineering centre. Such organizations provide technical advice on the preparation of the production process, construction and operation of industrial, infrastructure and other facilities.

However, amid the pleasant events, the emergence of the omicron variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the territories adjacent to the Republic is a cause for concern, especially, taking into account, the past feast of the Baptism of Jesus. In view of the fact that over 60,000 people took part in the celebrations, the Ombudsman calls on citizens to sign up on the Ministry of Health website to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

According to official data from the Ministry of Health of the DPR, 121,555 cases of COVID-19 infection have been recorded in the country. 2884 patients are in treatment, 9479 cases are fatal.

The Ombudsman urges residents to remain vigilant and comply with the necessary sanitary and epidemiological standards.

Since the beginning of 2022, the Ombudsman received 189 complaints.


  1. Death toll and injuries to civilians and soldiers as a result of hostilities in the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic


  1. Register of the prisoners of war, missing soldiersand civilians

  1. Register of displaced persons and affected citizens

At the time of armed conflict, the civilian population living in the zone of fighting and near the contact line is often affected. With the view to protect the human right to life and security of the person, and to provide assistance to victims as a result of armed aggression by Ukraine, there social facilities (dormitories, preventative clinics, health care centres).

In accordance with the Order of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic No. 137 of 24.04.2018, territorial commissions in cities and districts are now responsible for accommodating affected civilians. They work under the supervision of the Republican Commission on Resettlement of Affected Persons chaired by the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman.