Today, the DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova and Ukrainian public figures Nadezhda Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban visited correctional facility in Makeyevka

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“The Donetsk People’s Republic once again demonstrated its openness and transparency on the issue of access to Ukrainian prisoners of war. The government of the Republic provided an opportunity for Ukrainian public figures to communicate with all Ukrainian soldiers and to ensure that the conditions meet all relevant international regulations.”

The Ukrainian servicemen told about proper attitude to them, good conditions and food. The detainees also noted that they receive letters and packages from relatives; they have regular walks and the ability to watch Ukrainian television. The representatives of the International committee of the Red Cross visit them, the men added.
The public figures could see first-hand that some of the detainees refuse to return to the Ukrainian territory” – said the Ombudsman.

“Now we wait for the counter-moves of the Ukrainian side. We hope that the representatives of the Republic will be allowed to the places, where our men are kept. We want to ensure that the conditions, where our fellows are kept, are humane and that they are not subjected to unlawful methods of inquiry”.

Once again I highlighted for the Ukrainian representatives that our side is ready for the exchange through “all for all” formula. Other formulas proposed by the Ukrainian side, proportional or numerical, contravene the Package of Measures and will not be accepted.

We wait for the political decision of the Ukrainian government to perform the long-awaited exchange. I look forward to the day when our fellows return home and reunite with their families” – commented Daria Morozova.