Today, March 2, volunteer psychologists organized art-therapy for children affected by the armed conflict. The event took place in the National Art Museum of Donetsk within the framework of “Support heroic Donbas” program.

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Children of forcibly displaced persons participated in the event. There were kids from Kovaliov’s family-type children’s house and those who attend the Center of Children and Youth Creativity. These children’s homes had been targeted by the SSU many times. Surrounded by antiques and pictures painted by distinguished artists, the children were occupied by the action of inviting the Spring. The staffs of the Ombudsman’s Office and Museum fund research associate Inna Klinenko shared this activity to help the children.

Full of enthusiasm those children painted decorative clay molds with watercolour. The sound of flute accompanied the whole meeting, which made it worm and cozy. Those springtime melodies were performed by the instructor of music school №7.

This was not the first time, when voluntary psychologists and the staffs of the National Art Museum of Donetsk organized an activity of group therapy. The Ombudsman’s Office expresses its appreciation to the collective in the person of Director Nadezhda Anischenko for the opportunity. The event was really important for children affected by the armed conflict – they could connect the world of art and explore their creativity.