DPR authorities treat detainees adequately – OSCE Representative Tony Frisch

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The Republic authorities treat Ukrainian prisoners of war (detainees) adequately in the territory of the DPR, as concluded by the OSCE Coordinator in the Humanitarian Subgroup at the Minsk talks Tony Frisch after his visit to the Donetsk remand prison of the State Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice of the DPR. This was reported today by a correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“The interviews that we have had are confidential. I will give my feedback later to Ms. Morozova and the Director of the detention centre. We have seen several persons detained here and we have heard about their impressions and their feelings. One of them I have seen the third time already, others I have seen for the first time today.

It is very important to treat the detainees well and correctly. That is what I have also proposed last year already that it would be good to sign somehow a declaration to agree and to manifest against torture of detainees. To agree that all detainees are treated well and that they also get adequate medical assistance and treatment in case of need. This is important, and we are continuing to struggle that this kind of agreement can be agreed upon or signed.

With that, I did not say that people here have been ill-treated. This is a general declaration. And I thank the authorities and the Director of the detention centre that they are treating the detainees correctly and well. This is a very personal statement I make. And I once again I thank Daria Morozova that she is doing her utmost that this is possible. I hope that the sooner the better all detainees are exchanged,” Tony Frisch said.