Daria Morozova fulfilled childhood dream as part of “Wishing Tree” project

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Today the staff of the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR met an unusual guest – 11-year-old participant of the “Wishing Tree” project Alexander Ovchinnikov. Sasha is the son of the deceased defender of the Republic. His dad gave his life in a fight for the Donetsk airport in 2014.

The boy, whose dream Ombudsman Daria Morozova had to fulfil, together with his mother Elena Valerievna came to the main human rights institute of the DPR to get acquainted with the work of the department and, of course, receive gifts.

The meeting turned out to be emotional and touching. “I didn’t believe that it can be!”Sasha, who got from Daria Morozova the long-awaited tablet, was sincerely happy. In addition to the gadget, as the child wanted, he was presented with a large mouse pad. According to the boy, he needs these things for study – now the lessons will be more interesting and easier.

After the solemn part, the conversation continued at the table with sweets. Sasha told the Ombudsman about his school, hobbies and goals. In turn, Daria Vasilievna gave the young guest good advice, emphasizing the need to study well, be inquisitive, and pay attention to physical education. After all, he, like a real man, must be a defender of his family.

Daria Morozova also gave the child a tour of the Ombudsman’s Office, told about the tasks of employees of various departments and the peculiarities of the department’s work as a whole.

It is interesting that Sasha, who until now was afraid to dream and did not believe in miracles, has already made a new wish. “I want the war to end sooner,”he said clearly like an adult.

“What we have done today, fulfilling Sasha’s dream, is just a drop in the bucket. We, adults, must make every effort to ensure that all the children of Donbass have a happy, peaceful childhood. And so that their dreams and desires come true every day,” said the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR.

IT should be reminded that Daria Morozova traditionally takes part in the “Wishing Tree” project. The action has been holding in the Republic since 2019 at the initiative of the deputies of the People’s Council. The goal is to draw public attention to the problems of minors in the DPR who find themselves in a difficult life situation. This year, the project includes children from families of deceased military personnel, children with disabilities and children of doctors who died from the coronavirus infection COVID-19.