Daria Morozova comments on Ukraine’s refusal to sign Declaration against torture in intreview to DNR-Online

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Human Rights Ombudsman Daria Morozova, in an interview with a correspondent of the DPR official website, spoke on the progress of the negotiation process regarding the signing of the declaration prohibiting torture and violence against persons detained in Ukraine and in the Republic.

“There are UN reports on the human rights situation in the territory of Ukraine and in the DPR. They document all the cases of torture and, equally important, those responsible for these violations. And in 80-90% of the cases, this rests precisely with the government of Ukraine, this is clearly spelled out. Why do we raise the issue of the declaration? Now, for example, Yulia Prosolova has been transferred to the Ternopol female correctional facility. I’m not even saying about the fact that she was somehow “lost” for 2 weeks during the transfer, what kinds of victimization she suffered from the penitentiary services and the Security Service of Ukraine and what is currently being done to her in the Ternopol facility. Her mother sent me and Mr. Frisch an appeal asking to raise the issue of her transfer, not even to our territory, but to the Donetsk or Kharkov region. Moreover, by decision of the court, Yulia should have served her sentence in Kharkov. Therefore, we initiated this issue, the subject was even discussed at the Contact Group meeting. I hope that the problem will finally be solved.

But after everything that Yulia had been through, we again raised the issue of signing the declaration prohibiting torture, sexual abuse and the like. For more than a year we have been ready to sign this document, there are no obstacles on our part. The obstacles are coming from the Ukrainian side that demands including a clause on admission to prisons in the Russian Federation in the declaration. This is utterly absurd, because the conflict is internal, and it’s the Ukrainian side that uses torture. By manipulating the political principle of drawing Russia into the conflict, they do not want to sign anything. It is just unprofitable for them,” the Ombudsman said.

In conclusion, Daria Morozova stressed that the world community had already recognized the importance of such a document.