Representatives of DPR Ombudsman Office visit Snezhnoe Special General Education Boarding School No.42

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On 19 February, Representatives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office conducted an inspection of the educational process and living conditions in Snezhnoe boarding school No.42. Currently, 96 children with mild mental disabilities attend school.

The school has a library, an isolation ward, administrative rooms, classrooms, plastering and joinery workshops, a speech therapist and a psychologist rooms, a physical therapy hall, a sports hall and an assembly hall, bedrooms. Outside there are a canteen, a laundry, a boiler house, a football pitch, basketball and volleyball courts, a laundry room and a workshop.

Children (grades 1 to 9) stay in the institution for 24 hours. Also, there is a Saturday/Sunday group. The number of students in each group meets the standards. A speech therapist conducts individual and group training, using innovative practices.

Graduates of the school receive a certificate of the established model, which entitles them to enter secondary vocational schools. The main focus is on labour training, which is conducted in equipped classrooms and workshops. There are several types of training courses: sewing, plastering and joinery.

All pupils are under medical supervision. In the framework of the project “It’s great to be healthy” a recreation technique called “Salt bags” is applied to keep children in a correct body posture, as well as finger exercises and semolina therapy. Playing with semolina develops tactile sense and fine motor skills, relieves muscle tension, stabilizes the emotional state, contributes to vocabulary development and the development of oral speech, improves writing and reading skills.

The pupils attend sports and crafts clubs. They actively participate in republican contests and competitions.

Education and living environment for children in the Snezhnoe Special General Education Boarding School No.42 received a positive assessment from the staff of DPR Ombudsman Office.