Congratulations of the Human Rights Ombudsman on the International Children’s Day

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Dear residents of the Republic!

On behalf of the Ombudsman’s Office I sincerely congratulate you on the International Children’s Day, on this kind summer holiday, which reminds us, adults, of the great responsibility that we bear for our future generations.

There is nothing more important and valuable than children and childhood. That is why our duty is to surround youngsters with care and love. After all, the values ​​of the younger generation are cultivated by parents and school education, state support. Not only adults must remember their responsibility, they should do everything possible to protect children from evil, lies and indifference, to create all conditions for a safe and happy life for children, so that the smile would always shine on their faces.

I sincerely wish that the childhood of the children of the Donetsk People’s Republic be happy, that they grow up healthy, kind, sincere, intelligent, talented and become true patriots of their Motherland. May every child have caring and loving parents, and their childhood remain the most wonderful and kind period of life. May the happy children’s laughter sound in all corners of our Republic!

I wish you happiness, joy, prosperity and peaceful skies! Let all children’s dreams and aspirations come true!

Yours sincerely, Daria Morozova.