Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled Donetsk by Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile system – Daria Morozova

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News Ombudsman

Yesterday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled Donetsk by the Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile system. In just 24 hours, four rockets were fired from the specified fuel missile system on the territory of the DPR.

In violation of all methods of warfare, a missile strike was carried out in the direction of the Kirovsky district of the capital. The alleged target of the criminals was an operating oil depot located 400 meters from the place where the projectile fell.

Today, at 10:25, the AFU again attacked the oil depot by the Tochka U. This time, the cluster munitions of the warhead hit the territory of the facility and pierced the tanks with fuel and lubricants with a volume of 200 m3: there was a fuel spill, fortunately, there was no fire, thanks to the operational work of the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations.

If the air defense had not worked, which twice shot down missiles in the air, to escape hitting the target and subsequent detonation, the number of civilian casualties would have been in the hundreds, and the area of ​​​​destruction would have been kilometres.

In addition to the fact that this fact violates the norms of part 1 of article 3 of the Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949 on the protection of civilians in time of war, I would also like to remind the criminals from the AFU that we record all these facts, and amid recent events, justice be done.

Also, we will promptly send letters to international organizations regarding this incident.