February 22 – International Day in Support of Victims


This date dates back to 1990. On February 22, the Cabinet of Ministers of the United Kingdom issued the Victims’ Charter. A federal law was passed in the United States in the same year that established the principles of legal proceedings in relation to victims. These documents proclaimed the right to the fair treatment of victims, representation of their interests, informing about the course of court hearings and serving sentences.

In turn, in 1995, at the IX UN Congress in Cairo, the participants consolidated a new task in improving the criminal procedure legislation. It was about prioritizing the protection of victims. Officially, their problems were first announced in 1985. On November 29, the UN General Assembly approved the Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power. It identified measures to protect and support the victims.

In honour of the memorable date, annually on February 22, conferences, educational lectures, seminars are held in many countries of the world. Law enforcement officials are speaking. Ministries’ reports are published. Topical problems of combating crime are discussed. Charitable organizations raise funds to help victims of illegal activities. Bills and programs for the rehabilitation of victims are discussed. Reports on the implementation of government activities are heard. Mass media publishes materials about high-profile lawsuits.

The term “victims of crime” refers to persons who have suffered harm, including personal injury or moral damage, emotional suffering, material damage or a significant violation of their fundamental rights.

Currently, the legal status of the victim is regulated by several branches of law and the fundamental provisions of the Constitution of the Donetsk People’s Republic, which have embodied the generally recognized principles and norms of international law in the field of human and civil rights and freedoms.