Ukraine disrupted meeting of Humanitarian Subgroup – Daria Morozova

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Representatives of the Ukrainian delegation disrupted the first meeting of the Working Group on humanitarian issues after a long summer break. As a result, discussions on such important humanitarian topics as the exchange of detainees, the search for missing persons and the work of the checkpoints simply did not take place.

Ukraine’s reluctance to fulfil its obligations under the agenda has not been something new for us for a long time. But, apparently, even those untenable arguments that previously allowed the Kiev representatives to stop the work of the group have been exhausted. Therefore, today, the Ukrainian negotiators used a banal procedural issue and defiantly left the conference to disrupt the meeting.

This behaviour proves once again that Kiev is not interested in constructive work. The Ukrainian authorities do not care about the problems of living people or the memory of the deceased. One gets the impression that Ukraine is pursuing one goal at the Minsk platform, namely, to aggravate an already dead-end negotiation situation.