Together we can do more good – Daria Morozova following signing of Agreement of Understanding with Tatyana Moskalkova

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The human rights institutions of the Russian Federation and the Donetsk People’s Republic are moving to a new level of cooperation. Today, March 4, Tatyana Moskalkova, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, and Daria Morozova, Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR, signed an Agreement of Understanding and a joint work plan for 2022. A similar Agreement was also concluded between the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation and the Ombudsman of the Luhansk People’s Republic Victoria Serdyukova. The ceremony was held in the building of the Rostov region Government, where the meeting of the Ombudsmen with the Governor Vasily Golubev also took place that day.

It should be noted that the Agreement of Understanding is an important diplomatic document that determines the directions of joint activities to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of citizens. It will allow timely exchange of information, prompt response to people’s requests, holding joint receptions and free legal consultations.

“Indeed, this is a historic moment when the Russian Federation and the Human Rights Ombudsmen of the DPR and LPR signed Agreements on Mutual Assistance, Support and Friendship. And this is not just a legal fact. This is the beginning of a big, serious work,” said Tatyana Moskalkova.

In turn, Daria Morozova thanked the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation for cooperation, and also stressed the significance of the event.

“Today, new opportunities and prospects have opened up for us in human rights activities. We are improving the work to ensure and restore the violated rights of citizens. Together we can do more good for people,” said Daria Morozova.

It should be noted that the decision to consolidate the efforts of Russia and the Donbass Republics in the human rights sphere is natural. And in the context of the security situation, it is more relevant than ever.

In particular, one of the key issues on the current agenda is ensuring guarantees of state protection of the rights of people who were evacuated. Already today, Tatyana Moskalkova, Daria Morozova and Victoria Serdyukova held the first joint outreach reception of citizens on the territory of two temporary accommodation centres (TAC) in the Rostov region. In total, 257 people, including 105 children live in them.

The Ombudsmen accepted the appeals, and also got acquainted with the living conditions in the TAC. It should be noted that the main need of refugees is assistance in the registration of documents. Human rights defenders took control of the situation, and in the near future people will receive the necessary legal assistance.