Relatives of the DPR servicemen left to Ukraine to take part in verification

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Today, a group of relatives of the detained DPR supporters left to Ukraine to begin the verification process. As reported by DAN correspondent from the scene, the group consists of four women. Earlier, the DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova told DAN that, according to the preliminary agreement, Ukrainian Security Service officers and representatives of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission and Ukrainian Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovskaya’s Office undertook to ensure security of the women.

“I am mainly participating to help my husband return home as soon as possible. In the DPR, he guarded one of the government buildings. When crossing the delimitation line he was detained by Ukrainian security forces. Two sons are waiting for him at home, and I am more than sure that he wants to return, too. I believe, many want to go back, so we are going to visit Ukrainian prisons to confirm this”, – said the wife of detainee Oksan Katrush. The meeting of representatives of Ukraine and relatives of prisoners of war will take place at “Maryinka” checkpoint on the delimitation line between the DPR and the areas of Donetsk region controlled by Kiev. The relatives of the DPR servicemen will stay in Ukraine for 11 – 15 days.