Comment from Daria Morozova on statement by A. Yermak of non-compliance with “Minsk agreements” by representatives of Republics

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

We got acquainted with great surprise with yesterday’s speech by A. Yermak, dedicated to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. In particular, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine said that allegedly “there are issues in which we (Ukraine), for our part, did everything, but the other side (DPR) does not adhere to their obligations that were achieved.” In this regard, I would like to comment on this statement by Mr. Yermak from the position of discussing one of the most important issues raised at the last meeting of the Humanitarian Subgroup, namely the issue of an exchange of detained persons. On 26 March, Mr. Yermak attended the videoconference of the Contact Group on this issue.

Thus, by the time of the meeting was held, representatives of the DPR, who “do not adhere to their obligations”, according to Mr. Yermak, managed to determine the whereabouts and fully prepare 8 people for the exchange for subsequent transfer to Ukraine. In turn, the Ukrainian side confirmed only 10 people, without informing whether these people are fully ready for the exchange.

Also, I would like to remind Mr. Yermak that at the meeting it was we, and not Mr. Yermak, who proposed to exchange detained persons already on 29 March, so that they could return home to their relatives and friends, and then again continue the really difficult work on determining the whereabouts and preparing for the exchange of other persons wanted by the parties in their territories.

Mr. Yermak, for some reason, forgot that the Ukrainian side directly and openly refused this proposal. First, on the pretext that they allegedly will not have time to prepare 10 people for the exchange so quickly. And then, representatives of Ukraine cynically stated that they would not take 8 people now, because they want to take much more later.

In this regard, we decided to publish the names of those people who could have already returned to Ukraine on last Sunday, and whom the Ukrainian authorities refused to take away.

Here is a list of these individuals:

  1. Alakoz Aleksandr Fedorovich, born 26.07.1991;
  2. Grinenko Nikolay Nikolayevich, born 09.06.1998;
  3. Ilyukhin Nikolay Viktorovich, born 25.11.1959;
  4. Karas Vladimir Vladimirovich, born 29.06.1968;
  5. Kostev Evgeny Igorevich, born 05.05.1980;
  6. Pomelyaiko Alexander Vladimirovich, born 21.09.1986;
  7. Sadovsky Alexander Petrovich, born 12.05.1976;
  8. Shaidov Viktor Anatolyevich, born 27.10.1970.

We express the expectation that Mr. Yermak will find the courage and time to apologize to family and friends of people, about whose expectations to return home, the head of the Office of President loves to talk so vividly and colorfully on the air.