Remote voting to State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation

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The Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office in the DPR informs citizens of the Republic who have the citizenship of the Russian Federation about their right to participate in elections to the State Duma of the Federal; Assembly of the RF.

You can also exercise your voting rights remotely.

Remote electronic voting is carried out by using special software without a paper ballot. To participate, a voter does not need to be on the territory of his/her polling station on election days. You can vote by using your computer or phone.

Participation in elections with the help of REV is voluntary. You can submit an application in the Common Government Services Portal (in Moscow, also in the portal in a personal account). They are accepted from 2 August to 13 September inclusively no later than 24:00 Moscow time.

Remote voting will take place from 08:00 on 17 September to 20:00 on 19 September.

You can hear more about registration on the Government Services Portal for residents of the DPR:

– by number 357;

– in the Public Receptions of the DPR Head Denis Pushilin;

– in the office of the OD SD at the address: Bohdan Khmelnitsky Street, 102, Office 512;

– in staff departments at the place of work.