Greeting from DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova on Knowledge Day


The first of September is an exciting and memorable day for everyone. This day marks the beginning of a new academic year when children meet their friends whom they have not seen all summer. For people who start school on this day it is the beginning of new life, as well as for their parents and teachers. There is nothing better in the world than learning new things! Knowledge makes a person stronger, wiser and kinder, helps to discover the secrets of nature.

Dear first graders! Today you will start a long and challenging journey to knowledge. Be brave and curious! Amazing discoveries and new friends are waiting for you!

Dear graduates! This school year will be crucial for each of you. You now have to decide what you want to achieve in life and take responsibility for your choice. Focus on final test preparation. May high school knowledge help you achieve your goals!

Dear university students! Today you will take another step into your future, into your profession. We are waiting for you, our young state really needs specialists who have knowledge, skills and ambitions. I wish you good luck in achieving your goals!

Dear educators! You not only give knowledge to children, but also contribute to their upbringing. Thanks to your enthusiasm and creativity, you plant a love for learning! I wish you professional success, a welcoming atmosphere in the team, patience, wisdom, and, of course, grateful and knowledge-seeking students!

I heartily congratulate everyone on the start of the new school year. May this year be marked by important victories for all of you. May it be entertaining, successful and fruitful!