More than 1200 IDPs live in TACs of Ombudsman Office


DPR Ombudsman Office with the lead of Daria Morozova is responsible for resolving issues of IDPs since the beginning of the conflict in Donbass. Everyone who appeals for help to the Ombudsman Office is provided with temporary accommodation. Also, the Office resolves some pressing day-to-day problems of IDPs.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Donetsk People’s Republic, 7541 persons have been registered as temporarily displaced persons, including 1883 underage children. Currently, 1224 IDPs live in Temporary Accommodation Centres of the Ombudsman Office, including 227 underage children.

Between 14 and 20 April 2018, 23 persons applied to the Ombudsman Office on issues connected to temporary displacement. One of them received a referral to the TACs of the Ombudsman Office in Donetsk.

Since the beginning of the conflict, 5372 referrals to TACs have been issued. Among them, 129 – in 2018.