Comment of the DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova on the recent meeting in Minsk

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

Representatives of Ukraine again tried to manipulate figures of the total number of our detainees. We hope that they will get their lists in order by the next meeting of the humanitarian subgroup, and we will be able to continue negotiations on the exchange under the formula “all for all”. We insist that our opponents would return officially confirmed POWs to us, this figure is more than 600, and it had been officially announced earlier by the Ukrainian side. We wait for Ukraine to observe its commitments.

морозова-1024x683 Also at this meeting, UNICEF representatives presented a road map for the return of our children who were unlawfully taken out of the Republic to the territory controlled by Ukraine. We, as well as the Ukrainian side, have additions and revisions to this road map. We are already working on extensive solutions to this issue and we expect to see early results.


I want to remind the Ukrainian side that it is impossible to continue disrespect to fifth and sixth paragraphs. POWs on both sides of the conflict should have been reunited with their families long ago. As before, I suggest making a Family Day – to exchange officially confirmed POWs under the “all for all” formula.

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