Statement of the DPR plenipotentiary at Contact Group negotiations Denis Pushilin on the exchange of POWs


On Saturday, September 17, the exchange of POWs between Donetsk and Kiev took place within the framework of the Minsk Tripartite Contact Group. The DPR handed over SSU Colonel Yuri Suprun, allegedly a member of the UN mission in Ukraine, to the Ukrainian side. Indeed, the man collected intelligence information. In exchange, four peaceful residents of Donbass were released.

We would like to draw the attention of such a respected international organization as the United Nations to recruitment procedure in its field offices.

Using international organizations (UN, OSCE) as a smokescreen, SSU leadership tries to get the agents, who participated in the so-called “ATO” in Donbass, into the above-mentioned structures.

Law enforcement bodies of the DPR obtained reliable data confirming engagement of Yuri Suprun in organizing subversive and reconnaissance activities in 2014 in the territory of the Republic, aimed at destabilizing the situation.

In addition, we collected testimonies confirming his engagement into interrogation and tortures of 11 DPR supporters detained by SSU in Donetsk Region.

Such dishonest employees use the name of international organizations to commit crimes and violate the norms of international law, which subsequently affects the reputation of these organizations, and contradicts to their mandates. We express the hope and confidence that thorough measures will be undertaken to avoid such incidents in the future.

Source: DAN