The statement of the DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova regarding the lack of identity documents of the released persons

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For the umpteenth time I see that the Ukrainian side does not keep its promises. Thus, in the last Minsk negotiations the authorized representatives of Kiev promised that every person released will get the act of pardon and Identity documents. Ten persons were transferred to the Donetsk People’s Republic yesterday. Three of them haven’t got their passports. Taking into account yesterday’s highlight declarations of the representatives of Ukraine that those released will be able to freely enter the territory controlled by Ukraine, I wonder, how a person registered in Krasnogorovka can cross the delimitation line without passport and return home.

Once again, I call upon the Ukrainian side to keep its own promises instead of making publicity stunt out of their empty rhetoric. The Ukrainian government must fully implement each paragraph of the Minsk Agreements if it truly wishes to settle the dispute in Donbass.