Yulia Prosolova on torture and abuse in captivity

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A resident of Donetsk Yulia Prosolova told “New Russian sensations” about torture and abuse in captivity of Ukrainian punishers led by Petro Poroshenko.

Yulia Prosolova has survived, and she knows well that captivity and imprisonment are completely different things. Prisons, at least, follow some rules, and in captivity, the one is fully in the hands of the perpetrator. The woman experienced the worst things there.

Yulia Prosolova: “When they took my clothes off, they started flogging me. They came to me one-by-one and hit me head to toe until I fell down.”

That was a torture chamber called “library”, in the building of the Mariupol airport.

Yulia Prosolova: “I’ve spent 688 days in hell with those punishers, during 11 days they raped and tortured me…

They left the room, and only one of them stayed. He took my clothes off and raped me. It was in the basement. When I started to regain consciousness after substances they had given me, he raped me… I was absolutely naked. At first, I didn’t understand why, then he started touching me everywhere, not only women’s organs, everywhere. He didn’t stop until I lost consciousness, because it was really painful. He was wearing a mask. He felt pleasure doing that. As one of them left, the other one came in. What kind of people do that?”

The woman was subjected to the most sophisticated tortures. The hardest thing she remembers was when she was about to be buried alive.

 Yulia Prosolova: “It was the most horrible day of my life. They brought some black packaging film and began wrapping me into it. They knocked me off my feet and started rolling me into that plastic film alive. ‘We will bury you alive, bitch. We are digging a grave for you’. ”

That is how she was prepared for the role of the terrorist who planted a bomb under a car of SBU colonel Alexander Kharaberiush.

Yulia Prosolova: “Alexander Kharaberiush is evil. He tortured and abused people at the Mariupol Airport. Some of them did not survive tortures, and they are still searched for.”

High-profile murder of a Mariupol torturer had to be solved as soon as possible. Prosolova was chosen to be charged as the killer. They made her learn by heart the script written in her own blood.

Yulia Prosolova: “You want to stay alive, that is why you would say anything.”

She was absolutely hopeless, when, suddenly, this happened: in the autumn of 2019 an exchange of prisoners according to the formula “35 for 35” was announced, and she was in the list. When she was convoyed from Ternopol to Kiev, she recognized to her horror one of the prison staff.

Yulia Prosolova: “I understood that he was there in the 11-day hell in the basement of the airport among those people who raped, beat and abused me. It was him!”

688 days of ill-treatment and abuse in captivity under Poroshenko’s leadership were over. As she came home and saw her mother, it was like heaven.

Yulia Prosolova: “I knew you were searching for me. I was telling everyone that my mother is searching for me and she will find me.”

Source: NTV