Woman from Donbass tells about tortures by “Azov”

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From the very outbreak of the conflict in Donbass, the entire Yasinovataia region has been actively attacked by the Ukrainian army. Valko Alexandra Mikhailovna lived in the village of Pervomaisk. She worked for the municipal gas distribution company (Gorgaz) in Yasinovataia. She helped organize the referendum of May 11th.

SBU kept an eye on her

In the summer of 2014, in the midst of hostilities, the territories of the newly formed Republics were actively captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and later the militia beat them back. In the village where Alexandra lived, there were battalions of the “Right Sector”*, “Azov” and “Dnepr-1”. They decided to place heavy weapons directly in the centre of the village. The woman, supported by some of the villagers, asked the servicemen to withdraw the weapons because people were afraid of the “return fire” – there would be many casualties. Since then they kept an eye on her.

“It was January 27, 2015, at about 11 pm. I was asleep. They broke into my house. I saw 12 people in balaclavas with stripes saying “Azov”. They told me to get dressed and take my documents; they wrapped my hands in scotch tape and put me in a car,” the victim recalls.

«Руки от наручников прогнили до костей»: женщина из Донбасса рассказала о пытках «Азова»

Terrible torture by nationalists in Donbass

The servicemen threatened to take her to Pesky and force her “demine the fields”, in fact – let her die. That didn’t happen. First, they transferred her to an unknown place, but later it turned out to be Rossia mine (the town of Mikhailovka in the Donetsk region). Along the way, the abductors beat the woman in the ribs, asked provocative questions and threatened. When they entered the room, she tripped over and fell. Nobody helped her rise – they dragged her up the metal steps, the sharp corners of which broke Alexandra’s legs. They were very festering and hurt, but there was no help.

“They immediately handcuffed me, and I spent 11 days being handcuffed. My hands rotted to the bones in those areas. The military asked questions about the numbers on my phone, but I worked in a gas company – meter readings, personal accounts, these are all numbers. Their answer was: no, you are a radio operator. Then they started to beat me, poked me in the face with a knife; the cuts remained,” the woman said.

At first, Alexandra could not understand with what tool she was beaten, but later she saw with her own eyes a hammer for laying paving slabs – a mallet – they beat her right on the head, in a matter of seconds she lost consciousness. But the torture continued, she was lifted by the neck and beaten, kicked, and hit against the wall with her head.

«Руки от наручников прогнили до костей»: женщина из Донбасса рассказала о пытках «Азова»

For 19 days of being there, I lost 53 kilograms. I had several fractures on my face,” Alexandra emotionally recalls. “They constantly threatened that they would bring my daughter there, and sometimes behind the wall, a woman imitated screams, scratched the floor, called me for help.”

Entertainment of “Azov”

The woman was not given food at all, only once every few days, one soldier brought her a glass of water and several thin slices of lard. Thanks to this, the woman survived. From a completely dark room, she was transferred to another cell, where a bright, burning light was constantly on, it could not be turned off, and her eyes almost burst from such pressure. The third Alexandra’s cell was a freezer.

“The walls were tiled, and there were holes, apparently from bullets. Everything around was in blood splashes, hastily wiped with a rag, and pools of blood remained on the floor. During all the days I was given some liquid. They called it “vitamins”. As I drank the liquid, I lost my consciousness and nearly fainted,” the woman said with tears on her eyes.

When Alexandra was transferred to a sports hall, she saw how the captured militias were brought there, chained, beaten and tortured. At the same time, it became known that the woman is searched for and they were planning to release her from day to day. As they found it out, the Azov military decided to take care of her: they gave her a chair, laid a knitted napkin, gave a plate of borsch, buckwheat, two boxes of cookies, a litre of compote and cigarettes.

The next day, two servicemen with weapons came into the cell, told her to get ready to leave. They wrapped their hands in scotch tape, covered her face and took her to Druzhkovka. They said they headed to a court hearing, but brought her to another unknown building.

“It was February 14th, they had champagne on the tables, and air balloons were everywhere. When they brought me into the office, everyone thought that I was a homeless woman – that was what I looked like. I was immediately offered to sign a recognizance not to leave and forget everything that happened here. I signed. I was taken home,” she recalls.

It was on Saturday. On Monday, Alexandra has already arrived in Donetsk.

Source: KHARKOV News Agency