With assistance from Ombudsman, water supply of village of Tavricheskoye was restored

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Residents of the village of Tavricheskoye in Telmanovsky District, addressed the Ombudsman of the Republic regarding the complete lack of water supply in this village.

To clarify the information and a possible solution of the current situation, the Ombudsman sent an appeal to the Administration of Telmanovsky district.

Thus, due to the close location of the village of Tavricheskoye to the demarcation line, the Ukrainian armed formations damaged the electrical networks. As a result, the power supply of the indicated settlement was restored, but it turned out that the pump supplying water was completely out of order.

As a result, the issue of allocation of a new deep-well pump from the emergency reserve, capable of ensuring the population activity, was acute.

In order to resolve the problem situation as soon as possible, the Ombudsman appealed to the Government of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

As a result of the work carried out, a new deep-well pump was purchased and installed; the water supply to the village of Tavricheskoye was fully restored.