With assistance from Ombudsman, water supply has been normalized in two apartment buildings

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Unfortunately, the issue of water supply has always been and remains relevant in the Republic.

Thus, Daria Morozova was approached by a citizen B. regarding the lack of water supply in two apartment buildings on Octyabrskaya Street in the city of Komsomolskoye, Starobeshevsky District for a long period of time. In addition, the applicant pointed to systematic interruptions in water supply, regardless of the season.

On this issue, describing the need to resolve the problem situation, the Ombudsman appealed to the administration of the Starobeshevsky District.

The unsatisfactory water supply to the consumers of these residential buildings was due to the poor condition of the pipeline section. The emergency recovery team of the Dokuchaevsky PUVKH KP “Company ‘Water of Donbass” performed work to replace the emergency section of the water conduit with a diameter of 57 mm and a length of 70 linear meters. After the repair work, the water supply in the residential buildings is completely normalized.