Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News Ombudsman

Yesterday, on May 9, on the sacred holiday for all of us, Victory Day, the AFU subjected the cities of the Republic to massive shelling. With particular cruelty, Ukrainian militants hit the capital, where as a result two civilians, a woman and a teenager, were killed. Nine other people, including a child, were injured. There is no doubt that this bloody action was specially carried out by Kyiv in order to honour the memory of its fascist idols.

Once again, in violation of the norms determined by the Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949, the fire was targeted at civilian facilities and with the expectation of a large number of casualties among the population. Today we absolutely clearly see that the cruelty of Ukrainian militants knows no limits. And the military-political leadership of Ukraine is absolutely alien to the concepts of morality and humanism, which the civilized world is guided by.

In this situation, the silence of the Western media, which does not notice point-blank the tragedy of Donbass, is surprising. For some reason, none of them sees that today the losses among the civilian population in the DPR exceed even the figures of 2014-2015. And this deliberate blindness of the Western press clearly reflects the position of the international community as a whole. And it turns a blind eye to the crimes of the AFU in Donbass and is clearly more interested in organizing the supply of weapons to Ukraine than in realizing the goals of international humanitarian law.

In turn, the DPR will continue to act and seek justice within the legal framework. We record every fact of the criminal actions of the AFU in Donbass. I officially inform international human rights organizations about all cases of death and injury of civilians in the DPR. And, I have no doubt, we will achieve a proper response and an appropriate legal assessment of the actions of the AFU. All perpetrators will be punished.