We get sick one by one, but can cope with disease only together


Today, the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin took part in a regular meeting of the Interdepartmental Operational Headquarters to prevent the importation and spread of a new coronavirus infection caused by 2019-nCoV on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

At the end of the event the Head of the state commented on the amendments to the Decree “On the introduction of high-alert regime”, which will come into force on February 10, 2022.

“This is a necessary measure for us. In a number of areas, we have to strengthen measures that are being taken to counter the coronavirus infection. This also applies to mass sports and cultural events. Playing sport should be continued, but without spectators. As for the competitions, everything should be in agreement with our sanitary station, which knows the parameters under which it is possible to hold sports events.

As for restrictions related to business and may affect the economy, we will try to be very careful,” the head of the state stated.

Denis Pushilin said that it is necessary to increase the pace of vaccination.

“Only in such ways will we be able to have herd immunity, which will allow us to return to a normal life, which we’ve already missed,” said the head of the DPR. He recalled that according to the decree, vaccination against COVID-19 for employees of enterprises that work directly on the territory of the Republic should be 90%.

“As for visiting theatres, cafes, bars, restaurants, cinemas, there are no more restrictions, except for the visiting with a certificate confirming that a person is vaccinated, with a certificate confirming that a person was ill no more than six months ago, with a certificate confirming the presence of contraindications,” Denis Pushilin emphasized.

“On the one hand we have strengthening of measures, on the other hand – we simplified life for those people who care about their and others health. And generally, we can say: we get sick one by one, but we can cope with the disease only together,” the leader of the country summed up.

In turn, Acting Minister of Health Alexander Oprishchenko commented on the epidemiological situation in the Republic.

“The situation is not easy. The last three weeks there is a significant increase in acute respiratory diseases. For a second week in a row, growth is more than 60%, and for a week it is 16 thousand cases,” the head of the Ministry of Health said.

According to him, the number of cases of coronavirus is also growing.

“Since last week, coronavirus has been detected twice as much. Children are seriously ill. A large number of acute respiratory diseases, and about 70-75% is the children’s population. In this connection, we proposed and the Head supported the introduction of distance learning in schools,” Alexander Oprishchenko emphasized.

“This year, the children have both coronavirus (most likely omicron) and flu is detected. That is, they have already become coexist perfectly in one organism. This aggravates the course of illness accordingly,” the head of the ministry clarified and told what measures are being taken today to contain the threat of the spread of COVID-19.

“The number of hospital beds in infectious diseases departments, both for adults and for children, is expanding. A new covid base is being prepared for opening, which, quite possibly, will be needed. Now it is important for us to keep this situation under control. It is possible that secondary and higher educational institutions will have to go on vacation. But this issue has not been considered yet. We are monitoring the situation and how the morbidity will develop,” said Alexander Oprishchenko.

He also emphasized the need for immunization: “The vaccine is the guarantee that the disease will pass in a mild form staying at home. Resuscitation or hospitalization will not be required.”

Source: https://denis-pushilin.ru/news/denis-pushilin-boleem-my-poodinochke-no-spravitsya-s-boleznyu-mozhem-tolko-vse-vmeste/