We continue to press for exchange to take place on 27 December under “all confirmed for all confirmed” formula – Daria Morozova (video)

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Detention News

For 11 months, the Ukrainian side has not shown any results regarding the prisoner exchange. DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Daria Morozova claimed this today, December 10th, as reported by a correspondent of the DPR official website.

“As far back as January 15th, 2018, after the first stage of prisoner exchange of December 27th, 2017, we sent a new exchange proposal to the Ukrainian side. Unfortunately, after 11 months the Ukrainian side has not shown any counter-moves. Moreover, they have not given us any written response on a number of issues.

I believe that 11 months should have been enough to perform the exchange, but the Ukrainian side is not willing to do so. Therefore, we proposed to hold the exchange on December 27th under the formula “all confirmed for all confirmed”. The Ukrainian side has not responded yet. Nevertheless, we insist that the prisoner exchange be conducted within the shortest possible time.

The Ukrainian side chose a number of people whom, in their opinion, they can include in the exchange list, and specified that they can prepare their procedural documents. That is, criminal cases of these people will not be closed again. As a result, we will get in the same situation as a year ago. We do not agree with this. We also insist that all people be returned to us, not “a name for a name”, as the Ukrainian side offers,” Daria Morozova stressed.