Volunteer psychologists provide psychological assistance to citizens of the Republic


Volunteer psychologists provide psychological assistance to citizens of the Republic free of charge under the patronage of the Ombudsman Office in order to reduce social tension, preserve the mental and physical health of the population, as well as rehabilitate citizens affected by the armed conflict, promote their adaptation and socialization.

Much attention is paid to the psychological rehabilitation of children injured as a result of hostilities during the armed conflict in Donbass. Volunteer psychologists organise activities aimed at relieving psychological tension among older people on a regular basis.

February 2018, 68 people received psychological counselling and therapy, 62 people received social counselling and assistance.

Given difficult living circumstances of Donbass residents, all people who addressed the Ombudsman Office received psychological support, aimed at better adaptation in society and managing psychological traumas, prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder, reducing of anxiety and fear for their lives and the lives of close people, relieving psychological tension in connection with a difficult financial situation. In addition, citizens receive assistance with regard to humanitarian aid and medicines.

We recall that the following categories of citizens can receive advice from psychologists free of charge: families of missing persons; victims of hostilities; displaced persons and their families; pregnant women; large families; veterans of the Second World War and children of war; poor families; families with young children; persons with disabilities; children living in orphanages or family-type homes; orphans; single mothers; persons released from captivity.

Consultations are held in the Public reception of the Ombudsman Office located at: 34 Pushkin Blvd., Donetsk, room 101.