Volunteer psychologists of Ombudsman Office organize excursion for former detainees



The DPR Ombudsman Office and volunteer psychologists organized an excursion to Donetsk Botanical garden for persons who returned to the Donetsk People’s Republic as a result of the exchange of 27.12.2017. The staff of the Botanical garden showed detainees in greenhouses of the garden, so they could see the different corners of the world, see plants that do not grow in our region and learn a lot about them.

Also, they saw new exhibitions, took photos in picturesque places of the garden, and walked down the blossoming alleys.

DPR Human rights Ombudsman and volunteer psychologists express their gratitude to the staff of the Donetsk Botanical garden for the excursion, which was aimed at assistance in rehabilitation and adaptation of former prisoners to a peaceful life.