Vladimir Tsemakh reveals details of abduction

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A DPR citizen Vladimir Tsemakh, whom the Netherlands suspect of being involved in the downing of Boeing (flight MH17) in 2014 in Donbass, told NTV about the abduction and the SBU attempts to force his confession.

Vladimir and his wife will never forget that day. On 27 July, the main suspect of the case of downing MH17, alleged former commander of DPR air defence known under nom de guerre “Borisych”, was abducted and secretly transferred to Kiev.

Vladimir Tsemakh: “As I see my front door being broken, a young man with a gun comes in. Holding the gun pointed at my forehead, he said I had to surrender. If I had refused, they would have killed my wife and then my daughter.”

Mr. Tsemakh wondered how they could suspect him in the downing of Boeing, if he only used antiaircraft gun made from old Soviet weapons.

Vladimir Tsemakh: “They want to put the blame on me.”

After Tsemakh was abducted, the questioning began. Then, foreigners appeared; one was from the Netherlands and the other was from Australia.

Vladimir Tsemakh: “They cannot be accused of anything. They, the foreigners, had the main objective – to bribe me.”

Representatives of the international investigation group of MH17 accident made him an offer, which, in their opinion, he could not refuse.

Vladimir Tsemakh: “A house in the Netherlands, citizenship, any problems could be solved. In exchange of what? In exchange for my evidence about the case with Boeing.”

With moral compromise and cooperation with the investigation I had to confirm the conclusions of the international commission.

Vladimir Tsemakh: “That it was Russia who launched the BUK missile system, and I took part in it.”

He was once again offered to benefit from the death of Boeing passengers by investigators from the Netherlands and Australia. At the last questioning, they offered to change his name and disappear in exchange for evidence they wanted to hear. The outrageous proposal was pronounced in the Russian language.

Vladimir Tsemakh: “I believe that the investigations conducted by both Dutch and Australian sides are biased. There weren’t any BUK missile systems here. I would have known if we had them.”

Now Tsemakh is going to complain about his abduction to the European Court of Human Rights.

Vladimir Tsemakh: “If the Court accepts my complaint, both the Netherlands and Ukraine will ensure my security.”

Tsemakh is an ex-commander of one of the air defence divisions of the DPR. He was abducted from his own flat by Ukrainian special services this June. On 7th September he was released as part of the exchange of detainees and convicted persons with the Russian Federation. At the moment, he is in the wanted list in Ukraine.

Boeing 777, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in Donbass on July 17, 2014. Onboard were 298 people, all of them died.


Source: NTV