Vlad Dolgosheia on his years-long captivity in Ukraine

Detention News

He noted that the Ukrainian side was absolutely careless about medical services, and medical staff in the pre-trial detention centre was simply reduced. There is one doctor per thousand people and no qualified help is provided except for pills.

“My eyesight deteriorated as a result of blows on the head, my spinal bones were knocked out, it was impossible to sit after interrogations and torture. Also, my knee was crushed, and my whole body was bruised. And I know that I got off easy. There was Oleg Mazur, whose body was blue after interrogation, his ribs were broken, and then he had problems with the kidneys and liver. ”

The released man told what happened after the events in Odessa when they attacked all the activists and everyone who could do something to confront the junta.

Vlad Dolgosheia added about his detention: “at first there was secret surveillance by the SBU, after 2015 there was direct supervision, then they called me for a conversation where I had to sign a paper that I was not participating in any organizations. And then they arrested me”.