Memorial to children who died as a result of shelling in Kirovskoye city, north-east of the DPR, in 2014

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Кировское памятная табличка

The names of the children who were killed in 2014 as a result of shelling in Kirovskoye in the north-east of the DPR – six-year-old Sergei Pivnya and Mikhail Didyuk, four-year-old Sofia Martynyuk and five-year-old Daniil Lutsenko – were immortalized today on a memorial plaque in the city centre. Daria Morozova, the DPR human rights Ombudsman, unveiled the monument.

“The life of every child is precious. Nobody thought that we would have to pay this price – the DPR Ombudsman said to the audience. – The Republic authorities promise each of you, each parent, that these criminals will be punished. All people responsible for these tragic events will be held accountable for their actions today, tomorrow, in a year or two, …let it be five years, but those guilty of the death of our children will be punished.”

The memory of those untimely passed children was honored by the Head of the City Administration Andrei Khabarov, other representatives of the Mayor’s Office, relatives of the deceased and about a hundred Kirovskoye residents. At the beginning of the event the poems, written by citizens, were read in memory of Donbass children who passed away. After that, the priest of the local church, Archpriest Father Georgy, held a prayer service. The commemoration lasted about half an hour. At the end, the people observed a minute of silence in memory of the children and laid red carnations on the memorial.

” Thanks to all those who came here today and supported us in 2014, when we there was heavy shelling. Take care of your children. I am lost for words, it is inexpressible. Only those who lost their children can feel it. Run to the shelter, when the shelling starts, because you can see the consequences if you don’t,” a mother of the passed away Daniil Lutsenko Lyudmila said.

The fighting in Kirovskoye began on August 17, 2014 and lasted until the nearby city Debaltsevo was completely liberated by the DPR and the LPR forces – February 18, 2015. 28 civilians were killed, including four children, 55 buildings were damaged as a result of shelling by the Security Service of Ukraine in Kirovskoye.

Source: DAN