Updates on wounds to DPR citizens as a result of armed attacks by Ukrainian forces 


Last week, the Ukrainian side again violated Minsk accords, namely, Easter truce, by opening artillery fire against populated outskirts and suburbs of Donetsk, as well as other parts of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

As reported to the Ombudsman Office, between 6 and 12 April 2018, as a result of armed provocations of the Ukrainian side, 17 persons sustained wounds and mine-blast traumas including 9 DPR servicemen, 6 civilian men, and 2 civilian women; 4 DPR servicemen died.

Since the beginning of 2018, 72 persons were wounded in the territory of the DPR as a result of attacks by the Ukrainian side. Among them, there are 53 DPR servicemen, 13 civilian men, and 6 civilian women; 37 persons died, including 35 servicemen and 2 civilians.

Since the beginning of the armed conflict, 4604 persons died. Among them, there are 606 women and 3998 men, including 76 children under eighteen.