Ukrainian side takes part in meetings of humanitarian subgroup “for show”

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Kiev’s failure to fulfill obligations on procedural “cleansing” of previously released prisoners makes the meetings of the Minsk group on the humanitarian issues meaningless. Today the Human Rights Ombudsman on the DPR, the representative of the Republic in the Minsk subgroup on the humanitarian issues Daria Morozova stated about it.

“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have been trying to get the Ukrainian side to fulfill its obligations on procedural “cleansing” for more than 12 months. Our position on this issue is supported by the coordinator from the OSCE. However, in response, the representatives of Kiev mostly keep silent. Sometimes one gets the impression that they take part in conferences “for show”. In fact, they try to create the illusion of fulfilling their obligations on the Minsk agreements”, – Morozova noted.

She added that in the end, due to the fault of the Ukrainian side, it is impossible to start discussing new stages of the exchange of prisoners between the DPR and Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, the first meetings of the humanitarian subgroup in 2021 were held in the same destructive manner. And, worst of all, there is no understanding of how long Ukraine intends to continue sabotaging. At the same time, both the development of the topic of the exchange and the future of the Minsk process as a whole depend on Kiev and its position on the negotiating platform”, – she stressed.

Source: ДАН