Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

We are talking about another example of Kyiv’s blasphemy in order to satisfy its political ambitions. There is no other way to describe the actions of the Ukrainian authorities that are exhuming on camera the remains of citizens who died during the fighting in Krasny Liman. Bodies are being dug up from official (!) burials at the Novoe Maslyakovskoye cemetery. At the same time, these actions in the media are positioned as the discovery of mass graves.

I would like to note that the burials, at which Ukrainian propagandists are scoffing today, were made by the forces of the special DPR Interdepartmental Commission for the Search for Missing Persons, Burial Places of the Bodies (Remains) of the Deceased (Dead) in the Areas of the Armed Conflict in Donbass during the period when the city was under control of the Republic.

Search operations as in all liberated territories were organized in Krasny Liman. We collected bodies from the surface, exhumed the remains from spontaneous burials in courtyards.

The events were held with the involvement of investigators from the DPR General Prosecutor’s Office and forensic experts. Protocols of inspections of the scenes of the incident and corpses were drawn up. Referrals for forensic medical research were issued. Biomaterial for DNA typing was selected from all the discovered remains without exception.

The dead were buried in accordance with the canons, in separate coffins, in specially designated areas in the city cemetery. Citizens who could not be identified were buried under numbers. I emphasize that the same procedure was applied both to civilians and to representatives of the AFU, whose corpses were simply thrown by Ukrainian militants on the battlefield.

Kyiv not only brutally killed all these people, but even after death tries to use them for its own criminal purposes. It is the height of cynicism and inhumanity. And this is the whole essence of the Kyiv regime.

It is also striking that the representatives of Kyiv are trying to accuse the inhabitants of Krasny Liman of collaborationism, who showed compassion, humanism and helped in exhuming the remains of the remains from spontaneous burials. What can we say about it? Comments are superfluous. Just watch the video below. It is about the abyss in the understanding of humanity that has formed between ordinary residents and the Ukrainian authorities.