Ukraine is directly responsible for impossibility of next exchanges – Daria Morozova

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

The session of the humanitarian group has left behind one single and decisive impression – absolute confusion. For many years of negotiations, I have not faced with such behavior of the Ukrainian side, which was demonstrated during today’s meeting.

Despite the actual protocol, according to which on the agenda there was a discussion of the issues related to the procedural “cleansing” of persons who took part in the previous exchanges, the Ukrainian representatives refused to discuss this topic, and instead, the anecdote was cited. In spite of the importance of this issue, the Ukrainian side turned the diplomatic area into a comedy. It should be noted that the situation with the release of detainees is of great concern and tragic.

Also, I want to remind the Ukrainian side that during the meetings of our group, the destinies of people, who are in custody, are at stake. In connection with the above behavior of our opponents, Ukraine is directly responsible for the impossibility of next exchanges.