Training for volunteer psychologists of Ombudsman Office organised with ICRC assistance

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On April 16, the Donetsk Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross started a four-day training program for volunteer psychologists devoted to providing psychological support to families of persons, who went missing as a result of the armed conflict in Donbass.

In the course of this programme, volunteer psychologists, who work under the patronage of the DPR Ombudsman, will undergo training organised by ICRC representatives in order to gain skills necessary for solving psychological problems of people whose relatives are missing, as well as for rehabilitation assistance to the population.

The Chief Administrator of the Ombudsman Office in the Donetsk People’s Republic Andrey Kolomiytsev expressed his appreciation to all the volunteers for their involvement and desire to assist Donbass residents who lost their relatives.

As part of the training, volunteer psychologists are going to study new techniques, used by ICRC specialists, aimed at psychological relieve for families of missing persons. They will gain new knowledge and skills that can be used in their future professional activities.

It is necessary to mention that mobile offices will be launched soon, the purpose of which is to indicate needs and problems faced by relatives of missing persons, to provide psychological help and legal advice, as well as social and humanitarian assistance to them.

We remind that 452 are considered missing as a result of the armed conflict as of April 13.