Torture in SBU secret prisons: testimony of survivors. Part 1

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So far, no one has begun the investigation of the most terrible crimes of the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko – abduction, torture and murder of undesirable people in SBU prisons. However, witnesses who miraculously survived will reveal these bloody secrets today. They have never served as militias – they are peaceful citizens of Ukraine who had become hostages of the regime.

SBU officers detained those people without charge or trial, on mere suspicion of sympathy for the militias of the southeast. And they often did even without any suspicion at all. Indeed, under torture, people witnessed against themselves.

A resident of the small town of Enakievo, Konstantin Afonchenko, has never participated in the fighting and has never been a serviceman. He was caught by the SBU on the way to his sick daughter, who needed his help. He was carrying some money for her. Everything happened according to the standard scenario: Ukrainian checkpoint, stop, search, abduction. Konstantin wasn’t killed just because the jailers decided to have fun.

Konstantin Afonchenko: “I saw reinforced concrete slabs above my head, and there was a metal chain. So they handcuffed me to this chain and put a lump of wood under me. They told me to sit down. Then they started kicking me on the hips. I tried to protect myself with my elbows. Then they immediately hit me on the head. I don’t remember how long it lasted. Then other people came. I heard them starting a chainsaw. So, I was sitting there, one of them was holding my legs, and the other one was laughing and trying to cut them off with the saw.”

The Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova has seen enough over the years of the civil war. Prisoners of conscience call her their guardian angel. She remembers everyone whom she helped.

Daria Morozova: “I saw people who had all their ribs broken, who had no teeth. I saw women who were raped and intimidated so badly that they could not talk to their fathers later – they simply went into shell. Psychologists are still working with them and cannot save them from what they had experienced. In fact, a lot of destinies have been broken.”

Nikolai Vakaruk did not burn tires and did not shout: “Who doesn’t jump is a Moskal!”. Therefore, almost immediately after the Maidan they came for him. God only knows who were they – officers or bandits. No warrants, no IDs. Hands up, face down! A van was waiting outside. Then Nikolai thought that he was about to have a one-way trip.

Nikolai Vakaruk: “They handcuffed my left hand to the heating pipe, the back was completely unprotected. They asked: “What can I beat you on? You’ve got a plate in your head, your leg is broken. What can I beat you on, so as not to kill.” They started beating and kicking my back. In between, they asked questions.”

Margarita Shmakova has gone through hell in the SBU prisons

Margarita Shmakova: “They kept me handcuffed for the night. Then there were interrogations. Then I found out that it was a secret prison. A one square meter room. It was very cold. I almost froze during the 12 hours. No fresh air. The food was scarce. No fork and spoon. No comb. No underwear. Nothing was there. We were there just like that. We were not summoned to the courts. No investigation.”

Later, jailers started using some strange drugs in addition to torture. Apparently, in order to loosen hostages’ tongues.

Nikolai Vakaruk: “They brought some tea. There was something in it because it provoked hallucinations. In the dark chamber, there were pink swirls. We started losing our mind, so to speak. The tea was given to everyone, even when interrogated, in order to make people speak.”

By that time, hiding the truth about the secret prisons of the SBU was no longer possible. When these stories reached Europe, the main advocate of European values, Mr. Poroshenko, was given a hint: an international scandal was about to begin. The Ukrainian authorities had to somehow cover up their tracks. Then, under pressure from the UN, Kiev reluctantly released 13 hostages. And the world learned about the existence of SBU secret prisons, where they practice Guantanamo Bay torture techniques.

Source: NTV