The president of Ukraine Zelensky actually supports tortures with respect to prisoners – the Ombudsman in the DPR

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The president of Ukraine Zelensky has actually demonstrated for one year of his governing that he supports tortures with respect to captured proponents of Donbas. Today, at the briefing in DAN, the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR, the representative of the Republic in the Minsk Humanitarian Subgroup Daria Morozova stated.

“The coordinator in our subgroup from the OSCE in 2018 proposed to sign a Declaration that prohibits tortures and any violence with respect to detainees, but the Ukrainian side still refuses to sign it. We sustained hopes towards Vladimir Zelensky that something may be changed by him, but one year has already passed and the Ukrainian side refuses to sign it (the declaration). We consider that Zelensky appreciates those tortures which occur in places of deprivation of liberty in Ukraine and the Ukrainian side is continuing to do them further”, – Morozova emphasized.

It should be noted that in spring 2018, the coordinator of the humanitarian subgroup, the representative of the OSCE Tony Frisch had a speech with a proposal to sign the declaration on the condemnation of all forms of tortures, cruel treatment, sexual violence and threats of violence with respect to persons remanded in custody in connection with the conflict in Donbas.

Source: ДАН