The overview of the current social and humanitarian situation in the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic as a result of hostilities in the period 30 April and 06 May 2022

News Overview of the social and humanitarian situation

The past week was marked by several significant events.

On the front line, the forces of the united coalition have already established full control over 175 settlements of the DPR, which were previously under the control of Ukraine. New settlements liberated during the specified period include the following ones: Krasnaya Polyana, Valerianovka, Blagoveshchenka, Yegorovka, Evgenovka, Staromlinovka and Novopetrikovka. In turn, Mariupol is under full control.

Unfortunately, the situation in the cities of the Republic that are under constant shelling by the AFU, entailing casualties among the civilian population, remains difficult. Thus, on April 4, such cities as Donetsk, Gorlovka and their suburbs, as well as Dokuchaevsk, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, were simultaneously under fire. AFU used multiple launch rocket systems “Smerch”, “Uragan” and “Grad”, 152 and 122 mm artillery, mortars and grenade launchers. Moreover, as a result of a Ukrainian shell hit, a fire occurred at an petroleum depot located in the west of Makeyevka.

It was precisely the too frequent cases of attacks by the AFU against the civilian population of Donbass that caused the call by the Headquarters of the DPR Territorial Defence to refrain from visiting crowded places on holidays – May 9 and 11.

However, despite Kiev’s attempts to stop the offensive of the coalition with the help of the practice of terror, the Republic continues its development. So, this week a cooperation agreement was signed between the Donetsk Academy of Transport and the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation. The agreement involves the development of interaction between universities in the areas of training and retraining of specialists, the development of educational programs, and the exchange of experience.

Plans were also outlined to open new areas of training in Donetsk. It was, in particular, about training opportunities for pilots, aviation operators, and workers of aviation maintenance.

Another important event in the life of the Republic was the decision of the Head of the DPR to cancel the mandatory social distancing and mask regime, which were introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the heads of state bodies, local administrations, enterprises, institutions and various organizations are still required to ensure that at least 90% of their employees are immunized against coronavirus, taking into account those previously vaccinated and those who have had the disease. They should also assist officials and health workers in this process.

At the same time, the Ombudsman urges residents to remain vigilant and comply with the necessary sanitary and epidemiological standards and sign up for vaccination on the website of the Ministry of Health as soon as possible.


Since the beginning of 2022, the Ombudsman received 7989 complaints.


  1. Death toll and injuries to civilians and soldiers as a result of hostilities in the territory of the Donetsk People`s Republic

The DPR Ombudsman’s Office documents cases of violations of Donbas citizens’ rights by the Ukrainian side, including the right to life, personal integrity and freedom of movement.


  1. Register of the prisoners of war, missing soldiers and civilians


  1. Register of displaced persons and affected citizens

At the time of armed conflict, the civilian population living in the zone of fighting and near the contact line is often affected. With the view to protect the human right to life and security of the person, and to provide assistance to victims as a result of armed aggression by Ukraine, there social facilities (dormitories, preventative clinics, health care centres).

In accordance with the Order of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic No. 137 of 24.04.2018, territorial commissions in cities and districts are now responsible for accommodating affected civilians. They work under the supervision of the Republican Commission on Resettlement of Affected Persons chaired by the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman.