The Day of Remembrance and Mourn – the first day of the Great Patriotic War


22 June is one of the saddest and most sorrowful days in the history of Europe and post-Soviet countries. In the dawn of the 22nd June 1941 fascist Germany attacked the Soviet Union without having declared war. It carried out a massive attack on military and strategic targets, and many cities.

By that time Germany had taken many European countries. Soviet people took the heaviest blow and showed a single mighty resistance to the enemy, defended the Motherland to the death in the full sense of the word.

This day reminds us of all people who fell in the battlefields, who came through tortures of fascist invaders, who died in back areas from hunger and hardships. We must remember the great exploits of our ancestors and pay tribute to those who gave their lives for our Motherland. We remember those heroes, who defended their land, we are proud of the courage, heroism and endurance of Russian soldiers and officers, by the dedication of homefront workers – women, elderly and children.

The USSR won in the Great Patriotic War, though at a terrible cost. The cost of human suffering and the huge losses that fell on the Soviet people.

On 22 June, all post-Soviet countries dip their flags and pay tribute to the fallen. On this day people light candles and lay flowers to monuments and memorials.

In 2014 a new war against fascism, hiding behind the mask of a democratic Ukrainian regime, began. Men and women, young and old – everyone, who can confront the enemy, fight for the victory. The price of victory is high, but the sacrifices on the altar of the Fatherland will never be in vain. Now we must go for another Victory, keeping in memory all encroachments on inviolable human rights.

We remember the heroism and strength of mind of our nation, and the victory will be ours!