The Chief Administrator of the Ombudsman’s Office participates in the commemoration rally

Events News

Today, August 18, a meeting was held in memory of the innocent victims of the undeclared war, Gorlovka, Victory Square. As part of the rally, graffiti depicting Sistine Madonna was presented. The Chief Administrator of the DPR Ombudsman’s Office Dmitry Popov participated in the event.

“Life is the most precious thing. Each victim had their own plans, goals and dreams, but they passed away because crimes of obedience were committed. We will always remember the innocent victims of the armed conflict. The Republic citizens undergone shelling against peaceful cities, shell bursts, lost their relatives, family members, friends and children. The graffiti depicting Sistine Madonna will not only serve as a memorial, but also safeguard the residents of heroic Donbass.

We must stick together to establish peace in our land. It is our duty to be worthy of the feat of our fellow citizens and build our young State” – said Dmitriy Popov in his speech.