Summing–up of children’s painting competition “World of childhood – Wonder World”

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We are pleased to report about the summing up of the results of the children’s painting competition “World of childhood – Wonder World” dedicated to the International Children’s Day. The competition has been held among children, suffered from the armed conflict, aged 5 to 14 years, living in the social facilities on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

According to the results of the painting competition, Khudaibergenova Diana was victorious, Alekhina Yevgeniya took the 2nd place, Safonova Anastasia took the 3rd place.

In addition to the prizes, the winners were determined in the following nominations:

–”Original idea” – Mshkalaya Rada;

– “Creative approach” – Ivanusenko Mikhail;

– “Emotionality” – Goncharova Sveta;

– “Creativity” – Smajenko Dmitry.

Three prize–winners and winners in the indicated nominations will receive prizes and certificates from the Ombudsman.

Daria Morozova expresses her gratitude to all young artists for participating in the competition and those, who helped in its conducting!