Summing–up of children’s painting competition “Victory Day through the eyes of a child”

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Dear friends, we inform you about the summing up of the results of the interactive painting competition “Victory Day through the eyes of a child” for schoolchildren of grades 3–6 of educational institutions of the Republic, which was organized by the Human Rights Ombudsman on the eve of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The Ombudsman received works by children from almost all settlements of the Republic. The theme of the painting competition met a lively response in the hearts of young artists that was reflected in numerous stories drawn by our young talents.

According to the results of the painting competition “Victory Day through the eyes of a child”, Elizaveta Barabanova (Makeevka) was victorious, Elizaveta Brodyanaya (Dokuchaevsk) took the 2nd place, Alexander Veshkin took the 3rd place (Donetsk).

In addition to the prizes, the winners were determined in the following nominations:

–”Artistic Design” – Kozyrev Rinat (Dokuchaevsk);

– “Vivid embodiment of the image” – Datsenko Ekaterina (Makeyevka);

– “The Gift of Hope” – Radenko Danil (Amvrosievka);

– “Faith in a bright future” – Pushilina Kira (Makeyevka);

– “Historical reading” – Melnik Anastasia (Makeyevka);

– “Soulful story” – Kalinovsky Kirill (Makeyevka);

– “Original idea” – Bukharina Margarita (Makeyevka);

– “Semantic content” – Kasyanova Maria (Donetsk);

– “Emotionality” – Shunchina Maria (Gorlovka);

– “Creative approach” – Yurkov Ilya (Gorlovka);

– “Creativity” – Sennikov Daniil (Makeyevka).

Three prize–winners and winners in the indicated nominations will receive prizes and certificates from the Ombudsman. In addition, Daria Morozova thanks all young artists for participating in the competition and expresses her deep gratitude to those who helped in the conducting of the competition!