Statement of Daria Morozova pending Minsk negotiations

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Tomorrow, the humanitarian subgroup will discuss the exchange of POWs

On October 18 the regular meeting of Humanitarian subgroup in Minsk format will take place. The issue of returning documents to those released earlier from Ukrainian captivity will be discussed there.

The discussion remains focused on the exchange of POWs. Kiev representatives insist on dividing detainees into categories contrary to the provisions of Minsk Agreements. Unfortunately, we could not move forward in the issue of release of people due to categorical stance of Kiev officials.

As before, our party will insist on inclusion 11 persons charged by the Ukrainian side of gravest crimes or sentenced under related articles and 47 persons who are allegedly not related to the so-called “ATO”   into the exchange list.

On the eve of the meeting of the humanitarian subgroup, I would like to call on the Ukrainian side to constructive dialogue. That is the only way to return our people home.