Statement from Daria Morozova on use of prohibited means and methods of warfare by Armed Forces of Ukraine

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

In violation of the international humanitarian law that prohibits attacks on civilian objects and indiscriminate attacks during military operations, on November 7, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out an air attack against residential buildings in the village of Staromikhaylovka using an unmanned aerial vehicle, which has been documented.

This would hardly be the first time that unmanned aerial vehicles are used to attack the peaceful population of Donbass.  On 6 November, the facts of the incident were presented at the meeting of the Contact Group. This was not followed by an adequate response, however.

The above-mentioned actions by Ukrainian Forces are nothing but a blatant and intolerable violation of human rights.   I have sent official requests to international organizations like OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission and the International Committee of the Red Cross on the inadmissibility of violation of the international humanitarian law, namely the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare.  I hope that public attention and the principled position on the inadmissibility of war crimes in the territory of Donbass will contribute to a de-escalation of the conflict and to the observance of the most important human right – the right to life.

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